natural // vegan // no alcohol // no fragrance // no dye and color additive // no artificial ingredients // no sulfites / no paraben // no nonsense



  • Helps to avoid fleas and other bugs
  • Controls dog odor and de-skunking
  • Conditioner helps to detangle and smooth your dog’s coat
  • Scrub helps to remove dirt hazards, staining, eliminate parasites
  • Hornbeam toy helps to avoid destructive chewing, expend excess energy


EUCALYPTUS SHAMPOO (200ml/6.67oz) 

Controls pet odor and de-skunking. More than that it prevents from bugs and insects.


Detangle and smooth your dog’s coat. Eucalyptus also helps to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and to reduce skin redness.

SCOBS & WHITE CLAY SCRUB (100ml/3.38oz)

Innovative formula helps to treat rheumatic conditions and related symptoms. It acts as an acrid stimulant, increases the heat of body and circulation.


Made of certified hornbeam, well known for its strong and unsplit structure. It rarely cracks, is full of tannin, which gives it an effective antibiotic, astringent, and healing properties. 


  • Here Are 7 REASONS Why Dogs And Humans LOVE SHOO Products:

    1. NATURAL & VEGAN. We follow the rule "You Can Put On Your Skin Everything You Can Eat".
    2. CROSS-BREED. There is no need for you and your pooch to shop separately. All SHOO products are human friendly. Seriously!
    3. PAW IT FORWARD. For more fraternity between man and man's best friend, with each of your purchase SHOO shampoo is gifted to folks who take in shelter puppies.
    4. THEY WORK! Ten of thousands happy customers claim that SHOO products worked even on the most picky pooches.
    5. HOLISTIC. All our products are created to help you live with our dog healthier and happier.
    6. TOXIC FREE. No more alcohol, acids, parabens and other nasties. That is why you can use SHOO products even on babies.
    7. DESIGN. We are geeks in details. That is why our packaging was awarded in gold. And that is why people and dogs from around the globe can't stop making selfies with SHOO products.

    A Few More Reasons You Should Buy From Us:

    • Lowest pricing for high-end products available online.
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    • Brand new fresh products -- we make fresh batches every few months, so your product has not been sitting on a shelf for long by the time you receive it.
    • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support.
    • 100% Satisfaction Money back guarantee. And no questions asked.
    • Simple and customer friendly -- we are proud to say that anyone can read our ingredients without the use of a dictionary.
    • Each of our products are handcrafted in small bathes.

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