From age 15 Agota had no clue what she want to do with her life…

As many girls she pored through all the fashion magazines she could get her hands on. She was dreaming to become a model. She wanted to travel, enjoy life and conquer the runway.

Unfortunately, when it happened she didn’t felt happy at all…

She tried many other carrier approaches: TV hostess, law firm even EU Parliament. But the feeling of missing something in her heart got bigger and bigger…

How She Was Doing?

She was feeling alone, deep in her dark minds.” I often felt pain in my chest and my heart. I remember I was crying on the floor of my bathroom. My body was shaking and through my tears, I barely could see anything”.

The things even got worst.

After half year of depression, she tried many different therapies, but nothing worked. She even quit law school, well paid job in EU Parliament.

But the miracle happened…

“I often hugged my first shelter dog Crete, I felt that our hearts beats as one.” Later Agota understood that Crete has more than pretty eyes to offer.

Because of Crete, Agota spent months with stray dogs instead of fashion events. “While I was working at the shelter I found it difficult to get rid of animal smell, so I tried dog shampoo”.

Then everything started!

I asked myself ,,Why do we bath separately?”, “Is there really a need to buy a different hygiene products or it’s just a commerce?”.

BAM! And Idea Came!

Horrified of the amount of harsh, toxic ingredients in human and PETS cleaning products SHOO mommy started her own natural cosmetic line, suitable for both pets and their humans.

But it wasn’t enough!

“I was thoughtful for unconditional love I got from shelter dogs, so I figured way to thank them.”

With “PAW IT FORWARD INITIATIVE” SHOO donates shampoos to folks who adopt shelter dogs. So, we make it easier for you to earn karma points. GO FOR IT! BE PROUD!


But we were so passionate about helping stray dogs, so we turn our minds into brainstorming mode. Why not to help dogs around the world? After all, it’s a global issue.


x Agota