SHOO WEEK IN REVIEW. 1 Blonde, 4 Cats, 2 Horses and 200 TICKS

While everyone thinks that we enjoy sunny days in Malaga with Pina Coladas and oysters in the beach resort, the reality is way more satisfying!


Saving a kitten from euthanasia

Animal welfare in Spain is quite critical… Many stray animals have either been abandoned and given up by their owners they thought they could trust, neglected, abused or found wandering the streets, all of them deserve a chance of a loving home, for some, it will be a second chance, for others their first home.

That’s why we were visiting Don Animal shelter each day. Like many animal shelters in Spain, Don Animal is overcrowded and you can only guess how they find more place… Yes, they have to kill those poor animals. That’s why we were tried to find any special case and save it immediately

That’s what we did with Theonita!

We found a foster home for few weeks and then Theonita has a flight to Sweden!


I felt in love with horse…

One day, just before we were leaving Don Animal shelter I saw those eyes. They were so sad, scared and exhausted…

Of course, she is not the only one…Across the country, horses, ponies and donkeys — many of them once much-loved family pets — are being abandoned in record numbers and left to fend for themselves or tied up on busy roadsides in the hope that someone will rescue them.

In many interviews and blogs, I always tell the same thing:" The best way to help animals who are exploited for entertainment is to avoid fairs, carnivals, fundraisers, and any other event where animals are used as “attractions” and to urge everyone you know to do the same. And if you do find yourself at such an event and you witness cruelty to animals, don’t hesitate to take action. Anyone can file a complaint and ask a humane officer to check on an animal”


The saddest story I was ever enrolled

Yesterday, while we were driving on Highway something splashed through our eyes… We immediately stopped and run to see what was that.

Under the truck, we saw dirty hairball ( I couldn’t find any other words). I grab him straight away and took it in my hands. It was a tiny dog, dirty from car oils and had a strong gasoline smell.


We took him home and looked if he hasn't got any broken bones or wounds. We were so lucky that he was pretty fine, but then we noticed something unbelievably disgusting!


We took more that 200 ticks from that tiny dog!!! They were sucking his vitality out!

It’s hard to describe it by words that's why I promise to make a short video about rescue mission and recovery soon!


Triple trouble! We saved 3 more kittens from Don Animal shelter!

 REMEMBER! There are not enough homes for all the animals that are born every year. Adopting from a shelter helps weaken the pet overpopulation cycle. Each year 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them.