Adopt, Don’t Shop - Benefits of Having A Shelter Dog

One day, pet stores around the world will stop breeding and selling animals because it’s a cruel and horrible industry. But until that day comes, those of us who love animals will hopefully continue to raise awareness of animal exploitation. Together we can speak up for animal welfare, and when it comes to adding a new nonhuman member to the family—Adopt, Don’t Shop! 

I'm telling you this because of my personal experience. I have four shelter dogs and I'm proud of this!   

Below you can watch my first ever video blog about the benefits of adopting a shelter dog and how the routine of volunteering looks like.

P.S. This is my first video blog. Please, don't judge (because it was my birthday too and I've spent it in dog shelter).

IMPORTANT NOTICE. Video is funny, cute and sad at the same time.

Remember that animals that are in the shelter are there because they didn’t have a home anywhere else. They need a family.

Animals do not go to the shelter because they are bad animals, but more than likely because they were stuck in the middle of a move, divorce, allergy situation, or were in any other way separated from their home. Perhaps a couple had a baby, and realized they couldn’t balance having a baby and a pet at the same time.

Or someone has decided to move into a new apartment, and that apartment has a no dog policy. Or maybe they found out that it's too expensive to raise a dog, that's why we created raw ketogenic dog food which is cheaper than other conventional dog food.

By adopting, you finding that animal a new home.

And the final reason for why you should always adopt rather than shop for your new forever friend is because it will make your heart happy. That might sound lame or cliché, but how amazing are you going to feel when you know you have saved an animal?

Thank you for watching!

With unconditional love,