How Laker, Nikki White’s Dog, Got Cured From Cancer and How He’s Doing Today

Once when I accidentally liked one Instagram account, back then I would never think that I will find my soul friends - Nikki & Laker.

When we began to talk I found out that 2 years ago, Laker was diagnosed with cancer. I immediately asked to share their happy ending with us! It's a true story, based on successful nutritional and chirurgical treatment so I honestly encourage you to read the FULL story.


Pets are our family members, so how did you felt when you heard the diagnose?

“It’s cancer.” My vet said to me over the phone, and everything else muddled deep into the distance. My head was swirling, I was alone and couldn’t feel my fingers. My breath halted in the exact place I left it before the phone call. The wooshing sounds of underwater submergence filled my headspace. I didn’t hear anything the vet said, but after I regained control of my awareness, my only words were “Get it off him now."

The not-so-Harry Potter Scar

When we dropped him off, I cried. That was the last time I would ever see his face the way he was born again. I had no idea how severe his scar would be. I imagined it a thin line like a human who had stitches. I cried for eight hours...

When the vet called to say he was ready, he liken his scar to that of Harry Potter, and I imagined the cute stories we could tell with that. I saw him for the first time when we picked him up. His face bloodied and swollen and looked nothing like the petite zig-zag scar I imagined. It was thick, deep and inhibiting.

A lifesaver - KETOGENIC DIET

Where did you hear about ketogenic diet?

I found out about the ketogenic diet from Rodney Habib and his TED talk. Then I became friends with the fellows that worked at Ketopet and learned more about it. (P.S. KetoPet team are our best friends, who helped us to develop ROCKETO - our upgraded dog food formula. We highly recommend to read their FAQ).

How long are you practicing ketogenic diet?

We go on and off the strict diet because we do not currently have cancer. We are raw food eaters, but every few weeks we fast and raise our fat intake. My dog's do not eat more than 5 grams of net carbohydrates a day anymore.

What kind of meat or vegetables do you give for your puppies?

I prefer ground beef muscle, organ and bone and I add coconut oil, sardines and rotate things like organic turmeric, organic raw eggs plus shells, probiotics, organic spirulina, various fibers (organic psyllium husk) and phytoplankton to top.

Dietary changes

What changes have you noticed after implementing such diet?

Better skin and fur, better cognition, less agitation (or dog aggression), higher energy, and a lot less anxiety.

Would you recommend this diet to another pet parent even if his dog is healthy?

I would recommend a raw diet plus fibrous veggies and supplements to a healthy dog. The least amount of carbohydrates and some calorie restriction, the better. I do not know if a constant state of ketosis without bone is healthy for a non-cancerous dog. That would be a great question for Ketopet. You can check their answer on our interview with Paul Raybold a CEO of Ketopet sanctuary.

My friends, I hope this article helped you to understand the importance of nutrition value in your dog's and your life. Remember - Prevention is always the key!

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P.S.S. You can check Nikki's blog where she shares her homemade remedies HERE.


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